Cold Snaps, Snowdrops, Greenhouse?

After a very mild December, winter finally made an appearance in January with much colder weather, and frosty nights. Some of the plants that were getting ahead of themselves are having a reminder what season it is!

Plants to be considering for your garden this time of year include Hellebores, Camellia, Edgeworthia, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’, ‘Deben’, and ‘Charles Lamont’, Hamamelis (witch hazels), Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine), the brightly coloured stems of Cornus (dogwoods), as well as the must have snowdrops. One can never have enough snowdrops – they herald the start of a brand new gardening season. I think they look best when planted en masse. In my parent’s garden, as a kid, we had such a planting in the corner of the garden next to a giant Rhododendron and beneath a small Sambucus tree. They could be seen from the patio window and were simply a delight.

Although the garden isn’t used so much at this time of year it is the perfect time to get any hard landscaping work done, whether it be replacing that wonky fence post, or something grander like an attractive new patio area in preparation for those distant summer barbeques! Maybe put up a greenhouse so you can grow something a little more exotic or at the least some home grown tomatoes! Seems a long way away just now!

Indoors our most popular plants for this time of year are the highly scented Hyacinths and the ever so colourful Cyclamen which from white to pinks to red, many with glorious marbled foliage which would make them a fine choice even without any flowers! As the orchid festival at Kew Gardens gets underway soon, we’ll be having a good selection of orchids to choose from too! Something unusual? Try an air plant or Tillandsia. They don’t grow in a pot of soil like most plants and require a spray of warm water once in a while… they are not everyone’s cup of tea but they have proved very popular recently…

Time for a cup of tea now….til next time!

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