Plant Amazon Project

This project does what it says on the tin. We plant areas of Amazon Rainforest that have been lost or degraded.

To do this we will work with indigenous people and local people of the region to propagate and grow large numbers of new plants. Some of this can be done within the forest itself, but we will also set up a number of Native Plants Nurseries to supply plants for this work.

These are long term projects. For instance an area of land which has been cleared 100% will require an amount of time exceeding our lifetimes to get a mature forest back, but at least it will be a step in the right direction and an example for future generations to follow. We would start by growing fast growing native trees and once a reasonable canopy has developed, introduce other slower growing species which perhaps would not grow if planted directly in an open situation – ie. the strong sun would be too much for them.

We will work with local landowners and also look to purchase areas of land ourselves if funds are forthcoming. We hope they will be!