School Botanic Gardens, Brazil

We have agreed with two schools in Marajo, Brazil to set up mini botanic gardens in the grounds of their schools. We want to do the same elsewhere, for example in Altamira, Manaus and Santarem.

These schools have alot of mature trees in their grounds which we will identify and label as if it were a botanic garden such as The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London or in Singapore. The label will have the latin botanical name of the plant, as well as any local common names it may have.

Once labelled we will initiate projects on the plants within the garden, which will involve recording details about the plants over time.

A small nursery will be established to propagate native and endemic plants of the area. The children can help to grow these before finding a suitable location to plant them.

We will also grow some fun plants like Theobroma cacao (Chocolate) and Papaya.