Lamb’s Lettuce

Lamb’s Lettuce is found in some of the bags of salad you find at the supermarkets, but it is dead easy to grow so why not grow your own?!! You can pick it seconds before you need it and know it’s definitely not been sprayed with any nasty chemicals.

Easy Easy Easy I said….

Get a pot or seed tray. Fill nearly to the top with good multipurpose or seed compost. Sprinkle your Lamb’s Lettuce seeds (from The Kew Gardener!) across the surface. Not too thickly as otherwise when they germinate they’ll be choking eachother. When done sprinkle some more compost over the top so they are just hidden. Water with a watering can with a rose. Put somewhere your dog, cat or birds won’t disturb them!

If you have an area in your garden, you can sow them direct into the open ground. Dig the soil over a little, breaks up any big lumps and rake to a fine level or tilth. Run your finger in a straight line like a mini plough to make a seed drill. Put two markers such as two small canes at each end. Put a label in if you think you may forget what you put in! Sprinkle the seeds along the drill, again not too thickly. Back cover the drill with soil and water in.

Watering….if the pots or ground look like they may be getting dry then give them a water. Simple!

You can start sowing in late february and into summer. Perhaps do several sowings to give a constant supply if you have the space.

Within only a few weeks you’ll be able to pick the leaves and put them in your sandwiches! Fresh as you like!

Please let us know how you get on!