Plant Care

No space to grow anything? Don’t know how or what to grow? No problem!



The Kew Gardener has everything you need to start you growing your own herbs and vegetables. You can easily and quickly get started even if you only have a window sill.

In the coming pages we will give examples of vegetables and herbs that you can grow yourself and explain what to do.

We will add a page where you can share your pictures and experiences too!



We ❤️ Orangutans…

We ❤️ Orangutans…

in the region of 90% of Borneo’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last few decades. Much of it has been replaced by Palm Oil plantations.

Please consider supporting International Animal Rescue and their efforts to protect the Orangutan and the forests in which they live.

Mauritius Wildlife

Mauritius Wildlife

Mauritius, where I worked on the conservation of rare plants, has 670 species of flowering plants. 315 of those are ‘endemic’. That means they only grow in Mauritius, and nowhere else. 50 of them are known from 10 individual plants or less!

This stunningly beautiful Day Gecko lives amongst these plants.