Radish are super easy to grow, and another excellent choice if you are a beginner to growing. Another great benefit is that it doesn’t take long between the time you sow them to when you harvest them, perhaps as quick as 6 weeks!

Ok so what do you do….

In an open sunny site, and as with any of plants you wish to grow from seed, ensure the soil you are sowing in to is clear of all weeds and debris. Dig it over well to avoid any compaction. Break up the large lumps of soil, and use a rake to form a fine, level surface

Create a drill (a furrow in the soil) using your finger or garden trowel. Sprinkle the seeds along the drill and push the soil back over the seeds to create a level surface again. Very gently firm the soil and water well (but don’t wash the seeds away!)

If the weather is warm you may need to water if the soil appears to be drying out.

Within a week you should see signs of life, and the germinating plants will appear through the soil. You may need to ‘thin’ the plants out to one plant every inch (2.5cm)  – ie. removing some plants if there are too many. Do this when the plants are approx 1 inch (2.5cm) high.

All you have to do now is water them if the soil appears a bit dry (frequency will depend on the weather), and wait. In as little as six weeks, although likely a little longer you can start pulling your first radish! They taste fantastic when freshly harvested. You’ll also know they haven’t been sprayed with any unnecessary chemicals.

If you only have a terrace or balcony, you can still grow a few radish in a window box or pot. Fill the containers with good quality compost, and sow the seeds as per above. In general plants in pots need a little more care than if in the open ground so make sure they don’t dry out if the weather warms up.

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