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The Kew Gardener Online Shop is growing here. Please take a look and send us some feedback. We have only uploaded a small amount so far but much much more is coming. Let us know what you’d like to see here and how easy (or not) it was to use the site.

Website Growing

Our website is germinating. Please come back and watch it grow! If you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear them!  


The Kew Gardener revolves around the love and enjoyment of plants. This extends beyond selling them and creating beautiful gardens, into the natural world, where all these garden plants originated from. This natural world is under threat more than ever, but instead of bombarding you with doom and gloom statistics, which will turn you off, we…

Cold snaps, Snowdrops, Greenhouse?

After a very mild December, winter finally made an appearance in January with much colder weather, and frosty nights. Some of the plants that were getting ahead of themselves are having a reminder what season it is! Plants to be considering for your garden this time of year include Hellebores, Camellia, Edgeworthia, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’,…

Summer Heat

The garden’s of Kew or getting cooked again today in temperatures of 32 degrees. Please remember to water your plants very well and every day, ideally in the early morning or in the evening. Plants in pots are particularly dependent on you. If a plant is already suffering try and shade it and water it…

Winter Garden

We have the plants and the expert gardeners to liven up your garden even in the darkest days of winter!! …and book a winter garden tidy up for January and we’ll give you a free plant!!

Free plant in January!

Buy any 3 plants in January and get a 4th one free. The fourth one must be the cheapest of the four.

Edgeworthia chrysantha

Fabulous plant for February. Related to Daphne, it has richly scented flowers that open creamy yellow. Leaves follow the flowers.  Ideal shrub for a winter garden. Grows slowly. Could take 10 years to double in size, so good if space is a restriction also. See one growing at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Take the…

We’ll be on BBC1 !!!

March 2nd on The One Show. 7pm. Discussion about plants with “black” flowers. What plants do you know with “black” flowers? CHANGED TO MARCH 3RD  Tonight!