The Belo Monte Dam

This is The Belo Monte Dam construction site, formerly part of The Amazon Rainforest near Altamira, Para, Brazil.

Since I was there in September 2014, the picture showing the beautiful forested river is no more. All the trees have been cut down and the remains burnt. Why? To make way for a truely enormous reservoir to feed what would be the third largest hydro electric dam on the planet.

As it stands, at the end of January 2016, the consortium building the dam, which has been dragged into the recent high level corruption scandals in Brazil, has been denied an Operating Licence. So the trees have all gone, but they are not allowed to close the River Xingu off and flood the land.

I will add more information as soon as I can but please take a look at our School Botanic Garden page and if you can donate a little money so we can educate the young people in Brazil about plants and why the forest is so so important. Perhaps then we can halt the deforestation and start reforestation.

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