Our Garden Centre in Kew

The Finest Quality Plants

Situated at the entrance of Kew Gardens Tube Station, The Kew Gardener is a unique and well known garden centre with a superb range of the usual and the not so usual plants! We are now adding an online shop which you can reach my going to The Kew Gardener Online Shop

The owner, Daniel Slack, studied at the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens, and his lifelong love of plants is immediately apparent.

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The shop displays a range of beautiful indoor plants including exotic orchids, and carnivorous Pitcher Plants! Step out of the back door of the shop and you find yourself in a most unexpected ‘secret garden’. A wide range of outdoor plants are arranged in a garden style rather than your typical a-z offering.

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Friendly expert advice is always close at hand.

We are setting up a series of pages to show people how to ‘grow their own’ food. We will be adding more and more pages as time goes on. Go to this link for further information…. Grow Your Own

Pages on the different Houseplants we stock will appear here and a page on caring for your Orchids is here already, since it it is one of the most frequent queries we receive. In the meantime if you have any queries email us at plant@kewgardener.com