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Our Shop Is Almost Open!

Today is an amazing day! The Kew Gardener Shop is going to be online very shortly. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Our Shop Is Almost Open!

  1. I am looking for trailing strawberries, a blueberry plant (for my sunny front garden) and some nice floral plants for my back garden….north facing, sunny in the morning, shady most of the day

    Can you help? We are in Sheen.

    1. Hi Penni,

      I have normal strawberry, two varieties’Cambridge Favourite’ and ‘Elsanta’.

      Is it a particular variety you want? I can see if I can find it.

      Blueberry. I do not have in stock but will be ordering some. Again any particular variety you prefer?

      Many thanks,
      The Kew Gardener

    2. sorry forgot the shady flowering plants…

      Best option are Impatiens or New Guinea Impatiens. They can tolerate a large amount of shade and still flower well. Currently have the former in Orange, Red and White and the latter in White only.


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