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The Kew Gardener revolves around the love and enjoyment of plants. This extends beyond selling them and creating beautiful gardens, into the natural world, where all these garden plants originated from. This natural world is under threat more than ever, but instead of bombarding you with doom and gloom statistics, which will turn you off, we are taking positive actions which we hope you will support and even get involved in. In the long term we will reverse these negative trends.

We are establishing projects to put forest back in the world, starting in The Amazon Rainforest, the most important forest on earth. We will acquire land or else work with landowners to restore the forest. Of course we can never get it back to what it was before it was felled, well not in our lifetimes, but we can start the process of recovery, which can be carried on by future generations.

As part of this effort, we will work with local schools in Brazil to educate the children about the importance of plants, and why it is important to keep the forests standing. If you would like to get involved with these efforts please get in touch.

The owner of The Kew Gardener has worked on conservation work in Brazil, Mauritius and South Africa.

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